Happiness@Work 2020
conference in the 3D world

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How to start the app on Windows?

1. Download the app for your computer.

2. File in the .zip will be downloaded. Open the downloaded file. Before you can run the app, you have tu "unzip" it..  Click on "Extract all", then you can choose destination (I recommend to keep the suggested path or select "desktop") and then choose "Extract".

Může se stát, že máte sbalenou horní lištu a ikona "Rozbalit vše" není viditelná - stačí kliknout na šipku - viz červená šipka na obrázku níže.

3. Open the unzipped folder.

4. You will see several files within the folde.Open the highlighted one.

5. Windows Defender will probably launch a warning. That happens because Confer-o-matic does not have the proper certification finished, yet. It is in the process. But, Confer-o-matic is built by our friends we trust fully. Therefore, no need to be worried about your computer's safety.

6. Open "More info" (or similar wording) and after that click on "Run anyway".

7. Before you run the application, make sure that your VPN is off, if you have in installed and in use. With connected VPN it can be impossible to connect to the world and you will not get access.

8. The Confer-o-matic app will launch and you can log in.

  • Code = code on your ticket (can be found in an e-mail you recieved upon completing your ticket registration; also, at the end of every info-email is a link through which you can view your ticket).
  • Note: you can log in only when the 3D world is opened. That means during the test run on Wednesday 18th 15:00-16:30 and at 8:30 on Conference Day
8) If the app runs, but error message "Connection to server timeout" will pop up, there can be a problem with company VPN . Please try to disconnect and run it again.

How to start the app on MacOS?

1) Download the app for your computer.

2) After downloading, double-click on downloaded file (it's name is "happiness-at-work-2020-Mac-2.dmg"). You will see app folder:

3) Now you can open "happiness-at-work-2020" app directly, or copy it to your Desktop for easier finding next time.

4) On the first run, verification of the downloaded app will start automatically (you don't have to do anything, just wait):

5) After verification, again just on the first run, you will see warning about app downloaded from the internet. Just confirm by "Open" button:

6) Now your app is running. After loading necessary data, you will se initial screen:

7) Last step is to fill-in a ticket Code from your ticket and confirm with "Login" button.

You can find the code at the bottom of info e-mail sent in last few days:
Or also in the e-mail with ticket that was sent to you just after the registration:

8) If the app starts, but shows error message "Connection to server timeout", the problem might be in your company VPN. Please close the app and start it again after switching off the VPN.

While te app is downloading, you can check-out a short tutorial video for 3D world:
(you can switch-on english subtitles)

Not sure about anything?
Look into frequently asked questions, connect with us on Messenger 💬 , or write us to our e-mail ✉️.