Workshop with Alex Kjerulf:

Leading with Happiness

20th October 2023, Opero Praha

The conference day will be full of inspiration!
You will take away a lot of great thoughts and ideas.
But how do you turn them into real action and change in your teams and companies?

That's exactly what we've invited to Prague the top expert on the topic:
Alex Kjerulf from Denmark, author of five books who has spoken in dozens of countries around the world.

Basic info:

  • Language: english (no interpretation)
  • Date & time: 20. 10. 2023 od 9:00 do 15:00
  • Place: Opero (Salvátorská 931, Praha)
  • Price: 5700 CZK + VAT
  • A ticket to the conference is not a ticket to the workshop

"Leading with Happiness", 20th October, Prague

Why should the leaders come?

Studies clearly show that organizational leaders have a big impact on job satisfaction. Good leadership motivates and energizes employees. It also creates a level of happiness that leads employees to go the extra mile for colleagues and customers. Bad leaders, on the other hand, spread frustration and stress around.

This workshop will provide leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to develop a happier workplace. And it doesn't take much. Happiness at work isn't about pay raises, bonuses, perks and promotions - it stems from simple and effective actions that every leader should know and do.

But equally important is that the leaders themselves are happy at work. Unhappy leaders make their colleagues unhappy, make it harder to achieve their goals, and make them more prone to stress and illness.'s no coincidence that Alex's latest book is called "Leading With Happiness: How the Best Leaders Put Happiness First to Create Phenomenal Business Results and a Better World".

I want to thank you for the "Leading With Happiness" workshop that took place last week.I now have a team of managers who are so energized they are almost "dangerous".


The sessions gives executives and managers everything they need to start creating a happier and more productive workplace, including:

  • Knowledge about happiness at work based on the latest research.
  • Specific tools they can start using right away. We try several of those tools as part of the session.
  • The energy and will to actually make a change.
  • A great, positive shared experience.
Excellent! The message was clear, and you really reached our group. I couldn't be happier.


We will discuss the most important points regarding happiness at work and provide participants with a solid foundation in this topic:

  • What is happiness at work?
  • What makes employees happy at work – and no, it’s not raises, bonuses and perks.
  • The business case for happiness – why happy companies make more money.
  • The most pernicious myths about happiness at work,
  • How leaders themselves stay happy at work.
  • Simple tools leaders can use to make their employees happier.
  • How you get employees to take responsibility for their own happiness at work.